Salicias-Newcomer-NormanOur first dog  
DKCH, INTCH Salicia's Newcomer Norman 
1984-1994. Norman came from the Nederland.

Norman was a nice dog and very good with puppies
My first Danish - and International Champion. 

Salicias-Xanadu-XariaDKCH, KBHV87, KBHV88, KISG88, INTCH 
Salicia's Xanadu Xaria 
1985-1994. Xaria was alsofrom the Nederland.
Our first star and so lovely

Salicias-Jodranca-JosephineNLCH, DKCH, KBHV94, INTCH  
Salicia's Jodranca Josephine

Jodranca came to us from Mrs. Later-v.d.Willing in 1994. The year when Mrs. Later-v.d. Willigen, the founder of Kennel Salicia passed away.

Vimax-Alexandra-AmidaUVV89, DKCH, BDSG90, KLBCH, KISG91, KBHV91, INTCH 
Vimax Alexandra Amida (or Alex)

Alex was the love of our daugther. They won many Junior handlings together.

Vimax-Casey-CasandraKBHV92, KBHV93, KISG93, DKCH, PLSG93, KLBCH, INTCH 
Vimax Casey Casandra 
She was into agility and showing. A lovely bith who very much liked the agility but on her own terms.

Goliaths-Octopussi-PepperDKCH, KISG89 
Goliath's Octopussi Pepper (Pussy)
1987-2000. Pussy came from Sweden.
Pussi was a lovely little bith with a very nice temperament.



DKCH Questwook Patrick 
photo is missing. 
Patrick livede together with our very good friends Tove & Erling Lundquist

scottsbairn-silver-dirkDKCH Scottsbairn Silver Dirk 
2002 - 2011
Dirk will be missed so much, he had a lovely temperament and was always in the mood of playing with our puppies when we had a litter. 
We loved you so much.