Maximilliam Fuchs Renard
 The interest for dogs goes fare back in the family - as you can see on the photos. Max' great-grandpapa Maximillian Fuchs, born Erechim Fuchs in 1865 in Simperol, Krim, performed with his dogs in Tivoli in the late 1890s. He got married with Ane Abelone Kirstine Nielsen in 1889 in Copenhagen under the name Maximillian Fuchs Renard, had 7 children and a foster daugther:
 - Martha Anna Oyen Nielsen born in 1887 (Martha Anna Oyen Nielsen the daugther of Ane Abelone and someone named Peter ?). Martha came to live with Maximillian and his family when she was about 2 years of age.

Alexander (Sander) Lauritz Fuchs Renard was born in Kovno, Litauen in 1890 (Max' grandpapa) and he died in 1961. 

Nathalie Eugenie (Zette) Renard was born in Dorpat, Estland in 1891 blev født i Dorpat, Estland and died in 1994. 

(Both Alexander and Nathalie Eugene performed together with their father).

The rest of the children was born in Copenhagen:

Romeo Christian Fuchs Renard in 1893 (later sirename: Miehe-Renard) 

Jean Albert Fuchs Renard in 1895 

Ester Margrethe Caroline Nini Fuchs Renard in 1897 

Lina (Tina) Clementina Angelica Fuchs Renard born in 1899 

Olympe Therese Fuchs Renard born in 1900 

Maximillian divorced Ane Abelone and moved to Sweden, where he married Dagmar Charlotta Viktoria Hallqvist in 1922. They got 2 children, Giodano og Judith.

Maximillian Fuchs Renard died in 1945

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Vibeke & Max Renard 

Artist Max Renard (Maximillian Fuchs Renard)

Maximillian Fuchs Renard used the name Max Renard as his artist name. 

The Danish Renard family
Ane Abelone Kirstine Renard and her 7 children.

4 generationer af Renard 

(Photo form aobut 1944-1945). 
From left, standing: 
Helge 1918-2010 and his father Alexander 1890-1961
In front form left: 
Max Alex born in 1942sitting next to his great-grandpapa sidder Maximillian Fuchs Renard (Max) 1865-1945.


Nathalie Eugenie Renard performing at her fathers show.

Eugenie in her "Fire dance"