It was a great experience to attend this show, as well as Purina Dog Show there was also many other competitions and plenty to see. For us it was very exciting to witness terriers being judged by Peggy Beisel-McIlwainefrom the United States. There were many fine terrier, but we were most excited Dandie Dinmont reviews Terriers. There were 4 dogs presented all Kennel Jolly Gaze by Emma Greenway, which is the only breeder ofDandie Dinmont Terrier in Australia. 
The referee was very excited, especially for males. BOB was AUSCH Jolly Gaze Harvey Wallbanger, and he would then participate in group competition 2 days later. 
Great was the joy when AUSCH Jolly Gaze Harvey Wallbanger was taken and ended up being No. 1